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Who Sharks are Starting – Week 11

Michael Turner, Anquan Boldin and Drew Brees top the lists, with Tony Romo back in the rankings at No. 10 in your biweekly report from the Stat Lab in Week 9 of Who Sharks are Starting. You don’t need a report to tell you 98% of owners are starting Adrian Peterson. This is decision-by-decision analysis ripped from the offical and community leagues here at, brought to you every Thursday and Saturday, to help you decide who to start.

Here’s what you need to know about these rankings:

  • Players are ranked by strength. Scores vary with the number of lineups in the calculation, and will be lower in the midweek report than on Saturdays. The highest-ranked punter has a lower score than the highest-ranked running back because because fewer leagues use punters. The bigger the scores, the bigger the sample, the more accurate picture of the collective FantasySharks Brain. Mmmmmm … Brains …

  • Scores are not start/bench percentages. This is decision-by-decision analysis of lineups submitted by experts and the Sharks you trust for lineup advice in the Fantasy Sharks forums. The number is a measure of strength based on everything that goes into lineup decisions, and then some.

  • Scoring systems vary. I’m working on adjusting for this, but most of the leagues represented are PPR.

Adjustments for league scoring and other factors are coming soon. If you have other suggestions, stop into the forum and let me know what you think and what you’d like to see. As always, for more fantasy football advice, stop in to the Who Should I Start? Forum here at

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Turner, Michael (ATL) vs DEN 105

Forte, Matt (CHI) @ GBP 101

Peterson, Adrian (MIN) @ TBB 99

Williams, DeAngelo (CAR) vs DET 91

Westbrook, Brian (PHI) @ CIN 91

Lynch, Marshawn (BUF) vs CLE 77

Addai, Joseph (IND) vs HOU 77

Gore, Frank (SFO) vs STL 75

Barber, Marion (DAL) @ WAS 73

Lewis, Jamal (CLE) @ BUF 71

Johnson, Chris (TEN) @ JAC 71

Jacobs, Brandon (NYG) vs BAL 69

Brown, Ronnie (MIA) vs OAK 69

Tomlinson, Ladainian (SDC) @ PIT 67

Jones, Thomas (NYJ) @ NEP 65

Jones-Drew, Maurice (JAC) vs TEN 61

Smith, Kevin (DET) @ CAR 61

Hightower, Tim (ARI) @ SEA 53

Slaton, Steve (HOU) @ IND 51

McAllister, Deuce (NOS) @ KCC 51

Portis, Clinton (WAS) vs DAL 43

Moore, Mewelde (PIT) vs SDC 41

White, LenDale (TEN) @ JAC 41

Grant, Ryan (GBP) vs CHI 41

Green-Ellis, BenJarvus (NEP) vs NYJ 35

Stewart, Jonathan (CAR) vs DET 35

Parker, Willie (PIT) vs SDC 35

McGahee, Willis (BAL) @ NYG 33

Benson, Cedric (CIN) vs PHI 29

Norwood, Jerious (ATL) vs DEN 29

Johnson, Larry (KCC) vs NOS 29

Jones, Julius (SEA) vs ARI 27

Williams, Ricky (MIA) vs OAK 27

Bush, Reggie (NOS) @ KCC 23

Taylor, Chester (MIN) @ TBB 23

Ward, Derrick (NYG) vs BAL 21

Jackson, Steven (STL) @ SFO 21

Rice, Ray (BAL) @ NYG 17

Taylor, Fred (JAC) vs TEN 15

Charles, Jamaal (KCC) vs NOS 13

Fargas, Justin (OAK) @ MIA 13

Washington, Leon (NYJ) @ NEP 13

Graham, Earnest (TBB) vs MIN 13

Faulk, Kevin (NEP) vs NYJ 11

Dunn, Warrick (TBB) vs MIN 9

Rhodes, Dominic (IND) vs HOU 9

McClain, Le’Ron (BAL) @ NYG 7

Pittman, Antonio (STL) @ SFO 7

Bush, Michael (OAK) @ MIA 7

Bradshaw, Ahmad (NYG) vs BAL 7

Hillis, Peyton (DEN) @ ATL 7

Jackson, Fred (BUF) vs CLE 5

Sproles, Darren (SDC) @ PIT 5

Pittman, Michael (DEN) @ ATL 5

Johnson, Rudi (DET) @ CAR 5

Cobbs, Patrick (MIA) vs OAK 5

James, Edgerrin (ARI) @ SEA 5

Thomas, Pierre (NOS) @ KCC 5

Morris, Maurice (SEA) vs ARI 3

Alexander, Shaun (WAS) vs DAL 3

McFadden, Darren (OAK) @ MIA 3

Wide Receivers
Boldin, Anquan (ARI) @ SEA 107

Fitzgerald, Larry (ARI) @ SEA 95

Evans, Lee (BUF) vs CLE 89

Johnson, Calvin (DET) @ CAR 87

Marshall, Brandon (DEN) @ ATL 87

Ward, Hines (PIT) vs SDC 83

Colston, Marques (NOS) @ KCC 83

Jennings, Greg (GBP) vs CHI 79

Wayne, Reggie (IND) vs HOU 77

Johnson, Andre (HOU) @ IND 75

Smith, Steve (CAR) vs DET 75

Bowe, Dwayne (KCC) vs NOS 73

Welker, Wes (NEP) vs NYJ 71

Moss, Randy (NEP) vs NYJ 71

White, Roddy (ATL) vs DEN 69

Cotchery, Jerricho (NYJ) @ NEP 69

Coles, Laveranues (NYJ) @ NEP 63

Royal, Eddie (DEN) @ ATL 61

Holmes, Santonio (PIT) vs SDC 59

Houshmandzadeh, T.J. (CIN) vs PHI 57

Bryant, Antonio (TBB) vs MIN 55

Burress, Plaxico (NYG) vs BAL 53

Moore, Lance (NOS) @ KCC 53

Jackson, Vincent (SDC) @ PIT 53

Driver, Donald (GBP) vs CHI 53

Camarillo, Greg (MIA) vs OAK 51

Edwards, Braylon (CLE) @ BUF 49

Moss, Santana (WAS) vs DAL 49

Jackson, DeSean (PHI) @ CIN 47

Owens, Terrell (DAL) @ WAS 47

Berrian, Bernard (MIN) @ TBB 47

Avery, Donnie (STL) @ SFO 41

Walter, Kevin (HOU) @ IND 39

Muhammad, Muhsin (CAR) vs DET 39

Ocho Cinco, Chad (CIN) vs PHI 39

Holt, Torry (STL) @ SFO 37

Harrison, Marvin (IND) vs HOU 35

Gonzalez, Anthony (IND) vs HOU 33

Breaston, Steve (ARI) @ SEA 31

Henderson, Devery (NOS) @ KCC 31

Ginn Jr., Ted (MIA) vs OAK 29

Mason, Derrick (BAL) @ NYG 27

Jones, Matt (JAC) vs TEN 25

Curtis, Kevin (PHI) @ CIN 23

Bradley, Mark (KCC) vs NOS 19

Jenkins, Michael (ATL) vs DEN 17

Chambers, Chris (SDC) @ PIT 17

Bruce, Isaac (SFO) vs STL 17

Williams, Roy (DAL) @ WAS 15

Randle El, Antwaan (WAS) vs DAL 13

Brown, Reggie (PHI) @ CIN 11

Stallworth, Donte’ (CLE) @ BUF 9

Hester, Devin (CHI) @ GBP 9

Walker, Javon (OAK) @ MIA 9

Stokley, Brandon (DEN) @ ATL 9

Williams, Reggie (JAC) vs TEN 9

Washington, Nate (PIT) vs SDC 9

Wade, Bobby (MIN) @ TBB 7

Toomer, Amani (NYG) vs BAL 7

Engram, Bobby (SEA) vs ARI 7

Cribbs, Josh (CLE) @ BUF 7

Morgan, Josh (SFO) vs STL 7

Branch, Deion (SEA) vs ARI 7

Gage, Justin (TEN) @ JAC 5

Robinson, Koren (SEA) vs ARI 5

Meachem, Robert (NOS) @ KCC 5

Hill, Jason (SFO) vs STL 5

Smith, Steve (NYG) vs BAL 3

Galloway, Joey (TBB) vs MIN 3

Higgins, Johnnie Lee (OAK) @ MIA 3

Crayton, Patrick (DAL) @ WAS 3

Hardy, James (BUF) vs CLE 3

Clayton, Michael (TBB) vs MIN 3

Figurs, Yamon (BAL) @ NYG 3

Floyd, Malcom (SDC) @ PIT 3

Davis, Rashied (CHI) @ GBP 3

Hilliard, Ike (TBB) vs MIN 3

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