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Who Sharks Are Starting – Week 13

Now that the interactive Who Sharks Are Starting is live, updating every hour of every day to help you decide who to start, we can take some time to talk about what sharks are doing in their lineups. Here are some of my takes on the big movers in shark lineups this week, Murphy’s Law of Offense, and the first WSAS Whiskey Tango.


Mewelde Moore shoots up the rankings with IWP (that’s Injured Willie Parker, courtesy of gballs in the forum) questionable against the Patriots.

Steven Jackson is back, and enters contention in the rankings against Miami. I’m not crazy about this, but if you drafted him at ADP, you probably don’t have many other options right now.

Deuce McAllister hasn’t been suspended, but Bush sounds confident about his return, and sharks are listening.

And Ryan Grant continues to fail to meet his great expectations, and continues to fall.


Chad Pennington is up 10 spots despite Camarillo’s absence.

Brett Favre rises to host Denver, whose secondary doesn’t scare anyone.

Not alot of optimsm about a third 400-yard game for Matt Cassel, who falls 9 spots at home against the Steelers

Kerry Collins drops 11 spots after a poor performance last week, despite an easy matchup against the Lions, and they’re probably right.

A Stat Lab bonus, with the Murphy’s Law of Offense: When a team can exploit a rushing advantage, they will. This is a fundamental fact in the data, and the Titans should be able to run all day.

Wide Receivers

Lots of sharks see a juicy matchup and are counting on Steve Breaston being well done in Philly for turkey week, as he’s up 17 spots.

Some sharks are digging deep on the wire, tapping Steve Smith who jumps up from total obscurity to a bit blurry with Plax and now the lesser Steve Smith being on the mend. Personally, I like Toomer in division and big games, and he’s rarely let me down.

Josh Reed has fallen off the map altogether, but he should be back and I like him as a sneaky start against the Niners.

And sorry Donnie Avery, but the thrill is gone.


Paris Lenon is in for a long day at linebacker playing tag with the Titans dynamic duo, and shoots up 18 slots.

VIIIIIILLLLLLLLLMAAAAAAAAA!!!! I don’t have anything to say about him, this is just some repressed Flintstones-related rage. He’s up too.

Joey Porter can’t keep his mouth shut, or his shark ranking. Sharks say he’s barely worth a start.

Keith Brooking falls markedly this week, probably due to a reported knee injury, but he’s expected to go against LT this week, if Keith can find him.

Place Kickers

Jason Elam is on the rise despite some hip trouble as he heads to San Diego

Jay Feely also moving up after a solid performance. He’s my choice this week against Denver, and probably next week to replace the guy who replaced Jason Elam

Matt Prater — Why have you forsaken me? I had some serious man love for this guy coming into the season (hint: Big leg + thin air at home), but he needs help. Maybe he’ll get some skull-and-crossbones glasses and a buzz cut and get back to nailing em between the posts.

And finally…

Whiskey Tango – It’s not supposed to make sense.

I had to look hard to find something I could make fun of, but a few sharks seem to be pumped to toss in the Taiwanese Swiss Army Knife of the NFL: Antwaan Randel “Does a lot of things, but none particularly we-” El. I guess some leagues give points for celebrating first downs when you’re losing.

That’s all from me for this week, so check out Who Sharks Are Starting for full rankings at these positions, detailed IDPs, and even punters, ranked every hour of every day based on actual shark lineups, waiting for you now.

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