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Who Sharks Are Starting – Week 2

As usual, just in time (barely!) for your last-minute lineup tweaks, here’s a quick review of

Who Sharks Are Starting, the live-updating player rankings that help you decide who to start in your fantasy football team’s lineup. You know these rankings are updated every hour of every day, so you probably weren’t waiting for me, but just the same. This week, Tom Brady, Maurice Jones-Drew, Greg Jennings, Robert Mathis, Antoine Winfeld and Jonathan VIIIIIIIIILLMAAAAAAAA! top the rankings, along with a few sneaky plays.

Matt Hasselbeck comes out of the WSAS basement against the 49ers in a good spot start. Matt Schaub and Jay Cutler take a rightful downgrade. If you somehow have a choice, Aaron Rodgers could be a disappointment against

Cincinnati where they can run all day if they want to.

Going deeper into the backfield, I’m seeing more confidence than I like in Matt Forte. Yeah, yeah, “Always Start Your Studs” but we’re talking about

Pittsburgh, and you don’t earn the title of “Stud” after just 17 games. Darren McFadden jumps this week against

Kansas City, in what is probably a well-deserved bump against a really bad team, even being on an equally bad one. Darren Sproles vs.

Baltimore? Not so much, and I’m

lost on what to think of Ray Rice. Further down, Larry Johnson and especially Jamal Lewis look like locks for at least a score. Notably under-ranked: Chester Taylor. I know they call Adrian Peterson “All Day” but when they get up by 28 against Detroit, “All Day’s” day is going to be over, and Chester could run hog wild. I’d plug him in if I’m in a matchup bind.

I really dislike Anquan Boldin’s placement this week. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer starters who run for a living to have healthy legs, not guys with hamstring and knee problems. I’m benching Boldin and Steve Breaston where I have them and considering plugging in Jerheme Urban where my other matchups look bad. Nate Burleson, just above him, is a nice sneaky start with Houshmandzadeh feeling down and facing the Niners’ underrated rush defense and horrible secondary. Digging real deep, Earl Bennett and Louis Murphy are interesting, while it’s too early to start Mario Manningham and to a lesser extent Steve Smith. Give it another week or two to see who stands where in

New Jersey before you start plugging them into your starting lineup.

On defense, I’m fully behind

Green Bay as the team D of the week. Time of possession should be all GB, and so this is a shrewd play for leagues that are heavy on yardage and scoring, instead of just turnovers and special plays.

On the D-line, glad to see Kelly Gregg — the DT that gets LB numbers — finally getting some love, back with a vengeance in

Baltimore. Whether DT is required or not, he belongs on a roster. Not that you have a choice, but Trent Cole vs.

New Orleans stands to disappoint this week.

New Orleans can’t beat

Philadelphia on the ground and I don’t expect them to try. Forget about Drew Brees taking coverage sacks. Kory Biermann, Week 1’s waiver wonder, meet DeAngelo and Jonathan.

In the LBs, it’s probably too late, but grab Keith Ellison if your leaguemates are napping. He’s stepping in at Buffalo for Posywhatever. The Ruud buoy could suck again this week, but what can you do?  Oh yeah, and plug in every starting Detroit LB against the Minnesota running game.

Speaking of Detroit – Louis Delmas! It’s a trap! He was a great start last week, but Minnesota won’t be passing today. He’s still going to lead the league in RB tackles by a safety, but you’ve surely got better options. Otherwise Reed no, Bell yes, Coleman I guess, Clements sure, Buffalo boys why not, and Anthony Henry no frickin way.

Punters? May as well. I know you spent a whole 14th-round pick on Shane Lechler, but you’ve got a better chance finding stout defense at a youth girl’s lacrosse game than at this Oakland-KC matchup. Same goes for Colquitt and Kern. Nick Harris and Brad Maynard all day.

Hope you enjoyed this sample, but for a just-in-time, updated hourly look into the brains and lineups of the sharks, check out

Who Sharks Are Starting now.

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