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Who will be the Elite

    The 2008 NFL Draft is now complete and we are all waiting patiently for the REAL draft. That’s right, the fantasy draft that we all love. Well it has been about a month since the draft and you decided on whom to take, right? If not, I am here to help you out. Now, I am one to believe that RBs are the players that carry the team. So if you can land one elite RB in the first round and a good RB in the second, that’s what I would do. My top 5 RBs are below:

5. Joseph Addai, Colts

4. Steven Jackson, Rams

3. Brian Westbrook, Eagles

2. Adrian Peterson, Vikings

1. Ladainian Tomlinson, Chargers


           Now you may be questioning my rankings with the top 5 RBs. But if you look at it, LT has to be the number one guy. Adrian Peterson has a lot of upside, but I would go with the player who has played for a couple years and has proven himself. Now the only knock on Tomlinson is that RB Michael Turner is now playing with the Falcons. The Chargers did draft RB/FB Jacob Hester and they still have Mighty Mouse (Darren Sproles.) Both of those guys can and I believe will take the pressure off of LT.

            Now with Adrian Peterson, the Vikings still have Chester Taylor. Taylor will take a few carries away from Peterson, but not a whole lot. Also, there are still questions with Peterson and him getting injured. Peterson was coming out of college with a broken collarbone. He didn’t show any signs of the injury last season. He did suffer a knee injury the past season but returned to full heath and dominated. Peterson has come out and said he looks to gain 2,000 yards this season. That is a huge number for a second year RB. Can he do it? Yes. Will he? Possibly, we shall see.

            Westbrook is a no brainer at the number 3 spot. With no other real competition at the position on the Eagles, he will be looking to have a huge season. I would also look to draft Lorenzo Booker in the later rounds for insurance. Lorenzo is almost an exact replica of Westbrook. Both are great out of the backfield and great runners. Westbrook is the best RB value at the 3 spot and could even go second if people still are not sold on Adrian Peterson.

           The number 4 guy has to Steven Jackson. Now I know some of you are looking at the computer and saying, “What an idiot.” Well he has had a history of being injured, but that will change this season. He did hit the 1,000 yard mark last year while missing 4 games. Look for Jackson to hit 2,200 total yards and at least 18 TD’s this season.

          Joseph Addai is the logical choice at number 5. He is on the Colts, who just brought back Dominick Rhodes. Bringing back Rhodes is huge for Addai, yet not so good. It is huge, because Addai will have someone to help him out in the running game. Rhodes is also a smart player who knows what he is doing. But, Rhodes will be taking carries away from Addai. But if that means the teams offence will jell together better, then so be it. Look for Addai to gain 1,400 total yards and 13 TDs.

Well there you have it. My view on what the best is. Now I will be posting my top 20 RBs and along with all the other positions.
Josh Stephens

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