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Will somebody sign these guys already!

Looking over the free agent signings the other day the following five players stood out to me as players that are too good to not be on a team as of yet.  Of course there are some obvious negatives that go along with these players,however, the positives aspects are too good to, at the minimum, take a flyer on at this point of the free agent period.

Daunte Culpepper

Positive:  When at full health he can be one of the most explosive performers in the league. He appears to be fully healed from his knee surgery two years ago.

Negative: The above mentioned knee surgery has more then likely limited his mobility, one of his stronger attributes when he was at his best. He has also had very little playing time in a while, so it would be far fetched to expect him to play like his former self right away.

Outlook: There appear to be a number of teams interested in Daunte at this point, however no team has pulled the trigger. In my opinion a team like Carolina needs to take a chance on him. If Delhomme isn’t ready to return there only other option is Matt Moore. Moore is an intriguing prospect, but I would not stake my franchise on him this soon.

Shaun Alexander

Positive: A former MVP could bring veteran leadership to any team. He is still capable of 10-12 carries a game. Paired with another back, Alexander could be a steal.

Negative: He is getting up there in age, and he may not be willing to share the carries with another back.

Outlook: If Alexander can swallow his pride, he could be a great backup with starter potential. He still is a great short yardage back who could possibly score 5+ TD’s this year with the right team.

Kevin Jones

Positive: Always had the potential to be one of the great RB’s in the NFL. Has great receiving ability as well.

Negative: Jones biggest flaw has always been his refusal to stay healthy. He is currently coming off major knee surgery, so it would not be out of question to expect him to be a step slower.

Outlook: Injured or not this guy can flat out play! He can be a great reciever and a short yardage runner. It could be argued that Jones has never reached his full potential due to the lack of talent around him in Detroit the past few seasons. Any team that signs Jones will be thrilled with the results. If he is healthy Jones may be a top 15 RB in the right situation!

Ron Dayne

Positive: Right to the point….Nobody can stop Dayne at the goal line!

Negative: The only one that can bring Ron Dayne down is Ron Dayne. He has had problems with weight issues his entire career and is one of the main reason no team has signed him yet.

Outlook: Dayne has the potential to score 10+ TD’s this year on the right team. Just don’t expect more then 300 yards rushing. Strictly a goal line runner, but a damn good one at that.

Chris Henry

Positive: Based on talent alone this guy is a top 10 WR right now!

Negative: Where to begin? We all know Henry’s many run-in’s with the law. For whatever reason he just can’t stay out of trouble. Another suspension may be in his future as well.

Outlook: There is always a team willing to give a player like Henry another chance. Oakland and Dallas both come to mind, and come to think of it both teams could use a receiver of his caliber. If Henry signs with either of these teams and he stays clean there is no doubt he can top 10 touchdowns and 1000 yards this season. That is a huge “if” however.

As training camp draws near be sure to keep a close eye on the above 5 players. You may be thankful you took a chance on them when you are celebrating your Fantasy Championship in January!

Is there anyone I missed? Or disagree with me completely? Drop me a line in the article discussion forums.

Derek Reno

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