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Will the Cowboy, Jones hat fit?

There couldn’t have been a more obvious pick in the 2008 NFL
Draft than the Cowboys selection of RB Felix Jones with the 22nd
overall pick.

  I mean, come on, when
Jerry Jones sees something he wants he goes after it, and he made it quite
evident before the draft that he convinced himself that one of the Razorback
running backs was to be the answer to his prayers.

  Heck, there were even rumors that Jones was
willing to trade his already established star running back, Marion Barber III,
to the Dolphins in order to draft Darren McFadden.

  Good thing for both parties they were just

The question now is: Can this Jones
be the superstar that his owner Jones is hoping for?


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that after watching Felix
Jones play at

Arkansas I was
convinced myself that he was going to be nothing more than a Devin Hester,
return star, type player. Yeah, he has great speed and fluid cuts, but that’s

  He’s not physical enough to take the
beating inside, and is best suited on the edges where he can turn on the

  Guess what?

 The Dallas Cowboys are a perfect fit.

There are two big name players that should make this Jones
an actual

Dallas star, tight end
Jason Witten and guard Leonard Davis. That’s right the Cowboys will heavily
depend on these two pro-bowlers to open up the right side running lanes so this
Jones can use his best asset, speed, to race past cornerbacks and juke safeties
in the open field.


could be the best blocking starting tight end in the NFL, while

is at his best when pulling and taking on the outside linebacker to allow the
running back to get to that next level.



Here are some statistics from 2007 that
illustrate this:


Season Avg.

Right Side Avg.

Right Sideline

Julius Jones




Marion Barber III






No, the Cowboys didn’t address their need for a big-time
wide receiver to play opposite of Terrell Owens if Terry Glenn continues to
struggle to get in to playing shape, but did they find gold in Felix Jones?

 After witnessing them select Jones ahead of
the more rounded Rashard Mendenhall, you would think so.

  And the praise he’s been receiving from his
peers after rookie camp workouts, according to the

Star-Telegram, has been so remarkable that you would think he’s the
second coming of Reggie Bush with Adrian Peterson’s number.



“In my mind, he is a very special player,” running
backs coach Skip Peete said. “He is a guy that’s very explosive and he can
hurt you in a lot of ways. He can hurt you catching the ball out of the
backfield. He can hurt you running the ball.”

  Of course the owner chimed in too, “He’s
smooth,” Jerry Jones said. “You can see that he can run when he gets
that ball. The most important thing that I saw out here today was just how
smooth he looks when he’s running and cutting.”

Felix Jones is no Reggie Bush, nor Adrian Peterson, but he
just may be in a better situation than Bush with less pressure, much like
Peterson himself was in last season in


  Jones will have every opportunity to succeed
with a number 28 on his back, speed in his legs, and a “Jones” load of talent
surrounding him.

  To answer the question:
The Cowboy hat truly does fit for this Jones, even with a heaping amount of “Jones”
pressure, and another rookie “Choice” (Tashard) waiting in the wings.


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