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Winning the NFC South

Any picks out there for which team is going to win the NFC South? I mean any pick for who’s winning the NFC South, besides the New Orleans Saints? Drew Brees seems primed and poised to take his team on another deep playoff run. Who in this division can stop them?

Let’s find out … starting with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their overall ranks were horrendous last season. Both yardage and point totals were in the low 20s at best. If this continues, they have no chance. Is anyone on their current roster going to change this? Their quarterback situation looks just as bleak as it did last season. With no real additions on offense, Kellen Winslow will be their best bet to score. If he turns out to be their best bet, then the Saints have no worries here. Projected record: 4-12

Next, we’ll look at the Carolina Panthers. This team is a different story, completely. They can flat out run the ball.  With an NFL rank of third rushing the ball, the Panthers have some real weapons here. If they can find another wide receiver to emerge alongside Steve Smith, this will allow them to balance out the pass/rush attack. If not, they will only be a mediocre team. This threat might give

New Orleans
some concerns, but probably not. Projected record: 7-9

The final team in this division brings us the Atlanta Falcons. This team was in the middle ranks of the NFL in all categories (pass yards, rush yards, total yards and points). With the talented trio of Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and Roddy White, the Falcons have the ability to score on every offensive series. Despite injuries last season, I am still very bullish on Turner’s ability. If the Falcons defense can find a way to limit the pass,

will be a very strong team this season. Saints beware, the Falcons are playoff bound. Projected Record: 10-6

The division winner, however, will still be the Saints. Projected record: 12-4

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