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The playoffs are a wonderful and joyous thing for a fan but for a Fantasy Football addict they are a bitter tease at what has come to an end and what lies in wait for next season. Think about it for a minute, if you’re a Fantasy Junkie, like myself, then you are forced to join some Playoff Fantasy deal like the “Swim with the Sharks” Contest here at FantasySharks or just fight your urges and simply start your research for next season. I am not saying that these Fantasy Playoff things are lame or anything as a matter of fact I enjoy them but come on…they are nothing like the regular season.


I miss the Seventeen weeks of nonstop madness already. The weeks of elation, smack talk, and fat envelopes being handed over by your commish. There was the ups and downs, injury reports, and smirking at co-workers who felt your team’s wrath the week before. The moments of pride as you laugh at all those that thought you drafted that guy with insane numbers way to early. Of course there was the kicking yourself for not starting that “sleeper” this week. There was the oversleeping and not seeing the pre-game report that your star RB was given the day off and losing your game by one point. There is no more riding of the emotional pendulum. Now we are forced to pick the players that we think will do the best and last the longest, throw our hands up in the air, and pray that we picked the best team. No more insane trades or waiver wire pick-ups folks, like the overachieving frat boy who have had one to many at the club we have been cut off and kicked out.


I admit it…the withdrawals have kicked in. By impulse alone I frantically search numerous website looking for updates and scan my leagues rosters for possible upside trades only to hit that lonely bottom when the hand of reality slaps me across the face. As a Fantasy Football writer I spend so much time getting ready for the season with research and analysis that when it comes to an end I am left with this void. What to do now? Fantasy Basketball, baseball and even Hockey take the edge of a bit but nothing compares to the thrill of those seventeen regular season weeks. But it is what it is and the regular season is gone. Hell, there is still a few weeks of football left and as I try to switch from fantasy writer to sports fan let’s talk a little bit about what happen last week and what lies in wait for next.


Talk about shaking the monkey of your back. The can’t win a post season game if their live depended on it Colt came out and laid the smack down on the mile high crew. Seems as though Payton wanted to clear up any doubts as too who was the “real” MVP is. The Colts got out of the blocks early leaving the Denver offense in catch up mode, not a great thing when your got Plummer under the center, and the Denver defense looking like they developed a strong case of Alzheimer’s and forgot how to play the game. The Colts looks red hot and should pose a threat to the Kansas City but will they be able to smack the Chiefs around like they did the Broncos? Unlikely.


The Colts where able to jump out to a big enough lead early in the game that the Broncos had to give up on their running game and rely on Plummer. The Colts defense is not only facing one of the best RB’s in the game in Priest Holmes but they are also facing one of the most under rated QB’s in Trent Green. Look for a high scoring affair as Holmes pounds the middle of the Colts defense and the air attack of the Colts looks to exploit a Chief’s secondary that gave up 19 TD in the air this season.


Though the Titans and Pats game should be a great game I think the majority of us will be looking to Philly as the Packers come to town. In a match up of between two of the toughest QB’s in the game expect to see a lot of running. The Packers will look to expose the Philly defense’s weakness against the run. Philly gave up an average of 129 yards a game during the season so expect to see a lot of Ahman Green. Philly will counter with long slow drives as they try to keep the Packers explosive offense on the sideline. There are two reasons that Philly is in Playoffs and they are Donovan McNabb and heart. Donovan’s presence on the field by itself is enough but this rag tag crew of WR’s and upstart RB’s have stepped up to support him and could be a threat against this seemly-blessed Green Bay team. Look for wire-to-wire match here as the next round of playoff proves to be much like the first for the Packers. These two teams are all about guts and glory and this game harking back to the days of olds with toughness and grit instead of flash and dazzle.


As the withdrawals begin to wear off I see that there are four great games this weekend to help ease my pains. This might not be as tough as I thought.    



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