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Yeah, We’re Talking About Playoffs!

The playoffs are coming and it’s time to check out what players will be shining and who will disappoint. Should you be worried that your star player will be rested in the final weeks? Find the answer to that question and 6 more in this week’s special edition playoff column…


I will be rating players based on the playoff schedule of Weeks 14, 15, & 16. If you are in a league where the championship is in Week 17, you need to make a suggestion that it be changed. It is too tough to determine what players will start or sit in Week 17. You should not have to worry about your star player who led you throughout the season to be sitting out the championship.


Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get on to the questions…


1. What quarterback will have the most success in the playoffs?

Peyton Manning (v CIN, v DET, @ JAX) – Two home games against the worst teams in each conference. It doesn’t get much better. The Jaguars aren’t what they used to be, either.


2. What quarterback, who is currently not in the top 10 in scoring, has the best playoff schedule?

Chad Pennington (@ BUF, v SF, @ KC) – Keep in mind, that @ BUF game is being played in the domed Rogers Centre in Toronto, not in the blustery conditions of Buffalo. Pennington should fill in nicely if you choose not to play Romo, for example, in one of his brutal playoff games.


3. Will the Giants or Titans rest any players before Week 17 if they have locked up their conferences?

No. There are a few reasons. Compare the Colts a few years back (even the Bucs of this past year) to the Giants of last season. See the difference? The Giants will not be resting players since playing out the season worked wonders last year. Expect other teams to use that as a blueprint. Lastly, Week 16 is way too early to be resting players anyway. If you are in one of those leagues that I discussed before where the championship is in Week 17, then that’s just tough luck.


4. Which RB is doomed for a bad playoff run?

This one is easy – Marion Barber (@ PIT, NYG, BAL). You could not have picked a harder schedule if you had tried.

Pittsburgh leads the league in rushing yards allowed, while the Giants and Ravens rank 3rd and 8th respectively. The only positive aspect is that he is home in Week 15 and 16.


5. What RB will have success in his first two playoff weeks, but struggle in the finals?

There are two answers here: Chris Johnson and LenDale White, Titans. They face the Browns and @ Texans in Weeks 14 and 15, but then host the Steelers in Week 16. They’ll lead you to the finals, but you might want to have another option in the championship.


6. How do I go about which kicker I should start during the playoffs?

In the beginning weeks of December,


New York,

Green Bay,

Cleveland, New England,

Chicago, and

Pittsburgh are not places you want your kicker to be playing in. Before others begin to think along these lines in Week 13 and 14, head to the waiver wire and see what kickers play in warm-weather climates or in domes. Mason Crosby has been solid this year, but they don’t call it the Frozen Tundra for nothing.


7. Should December weather affect your stud QB or WR decisions?

Unless the weather is expected to be as bad as the Bills-Browns game last year, then it should not prevent you from sitting your studs unless you have reliable backups. In case you missed that game last season, it was windy, snowy, and you could not see the field markers, yet Phil Dawson somehow connected on a long FG. Don’t overreact due to the weather and do not make a decision until the latest possible time you can. Check the weather on the game day pregame shows as they sometimes show a live look-in at each stadium. Also, use the Fantasy Sharks Forum to talk to other sharks that may live in or around your area of interest.


8. Which possible waiver wire defense can help you out come playoff time?



  If Bob Sanders is completely healthy and in the lineup for the Colts, weeks 14 and 15 should be golden for Indy. They are home to the Bengals and Lions and there should be plenty of sack and turnover opportunities. The Colts are finding a groove at the right time of the year.


Good luck the rest of the way!


Comments or questions? Let me know at pags2122@yahoo.com.

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