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You Gotta Love John Madden!

I have been hearing a growing number of people saying that they are tired of John Madden, and that he should get into his bus and go home.  It’s time that someone takes a stand in his defense!


Let’s look at the facts: Successful head coach, well-respected for his understanding of the game, and been commentating NFL games since he put down his clipboard.  He and Pat Summerall defined how commentating a football game should be done.


The reason that we have commentators at all is to help the common fan to understand what is going on in the game, but more importantly to entertain us as we watch.  To give us inside info about how teams are run and how players see things.  John Madden is one of the best at this.  He has been in the trenches (when they still were trench-like), and can point out some of the reasons that a play might not work because of one player missing an assignment.


Even the football intelligence aside, he adds to the game.  How can you deny that the sound effects he adds, the sound bites, the Thanksgiving turkey legs, and the All-Madden team make the game more dimensional and more enjoyable?  Sure he’s a sellout.  Sure he can never go to a Pro Bowl game for his fear of flying.  But those things are things we can laugh about.  We love to laugh.  We need to laugh.  John Madden, with his horse trailer MVP selections after every Monday Night game gives us fodder for our laugh-cannons.  Since I first heard Frank Caliendo ( and his Madden impersonation, I can’t get enough of the big guy’s commentary.  Please don’t take away Madden.  Sometimes he’s the best part of Monday Night.  Would you prefer Dennis Miller?


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