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You Sir Are Fired- Week 16

If you have been scratching your head lately about why your fantasy teams have been under performing, You may need to look no further than the coaching staff to find the answer. In order to understand, you may have to look at a whole seasons data to finally get the picture. Nothing irritates me more than to watch games of teams in absolute turmoil. When a coach loses the clubhouse, teams commit penalties, lose the sync, and drive to be winners.

Rex Ryan certainly looks the part of a coach that has not only lost the clubhouse, but his mind as well. Ryan kept feeding the media the hogwash that Mark Sanchez gave the Jets the best chance to win. I can understand that in the first few games of the season, but in the last six games a TD/INT ratio of three TD’s to nine INT is ridiculous. Add four fumbles as well during that span. I am no mathematician, but the obvious is 13 turnovers which equates to more than two a week.

Sanchez isn’t getting unlucky, he locks onto a target and will force the ball into double and triple coverage. However, you are so dead set against letting Tim Tebow get a shot, that you play anyone instead of Tebow. I don’t think Tebow is the answer either, but what could it hurt to give him a shot. The powers that be in New York brought him there for some reason. Now Ryan looks like a stooge. I don’t care about the defensive plans that you brought from your dad’s glory days because,
You Sir are Fired. You can take the guy that you defended to the end with you because he can’t hold a clip board without fumbling it.

Norv Turner’s run in San Diego is at the end. This is the team that fired Marty Shottenheimer because he couldn’t win a playoff game. Shottenheimer posted a .588 record in four seasons as head coach, but had a dismal playoff record of 5-13. The 12th and 13th games with the Chargers which both ended up in losses. Turner has been on the slide since 2010 and currently sits at 5-9, a .357 win percentage. Turner has never figured out how to use Ryan Mathews, who in my opinion is the poster child for fantasy bust this year. It’s not all Mathews’ fault, ownership did a number on the young back’s confidence by making him compete for the starting job with Jackie Battle. Mathews had some ball security issues early on that didn’t help his cause. The end result was Ronnie Brown taking over inside the red zone. A guy who had lost his burst is your red zone threat? How many times did Brown cross the stripe this year being that red zone back? The answer is zero. Norv may be a good offensive mind, and coordinator, but it doesn’t translate into being a good coach. He lost the locker room a long while ago. Norv Turner,
You Sir Are Fired.

Ken Whisenhunt has outstayed his welcome in Arizona and despite the 38-10 throttling of Detroit, his first win after losing eight straight, he remains on the hot seat. The internal talks going on as we speak have their defensive coordinator as the next head coach. The fear is that he will be offered a head coaching job elsewhere. After a 4-0 start this year, it looked as if the Cards were headed in the right direction. The Cardinals are currently sitting at 5-9, a .357 winning percentage. There is no greater fear than losing one of the hottest defensive minds to another team. Ken Whisenhunt,
You Sir Are Fired.

Jim Schwartz has definitely taken the Lions as far as they can go under him.
Last week’s huge loss at the hands of Arizona may just cement the inevitable.
The Lions currently sit at 4-10, a .286 winning percentage. I expect that no one believes the man who took the Lions to the NFC Wild Card game three years after a 0-16 season should get the hook. I don’t think this team will accept this season as a building block to success. Jim Schwartz,
You Sir Are Fired.

Soon To Be Fired Coaches Bowl- Week 16

San Diego Chargers At New York Jets

My Take: Philip Rivers and company travel to New York where Mark Sanchez has traditionally played better. He won’t start in this one, but may come off the bench to throw an interception or two. Ryan Mathews has been put on injured reserve and it’s probably just as well. Norv had zero idea how to use him anyway. Bilal Powell and Shonn Greene will split carries only to be out played by Joe McKnight, again. Greg McElroy will start and have a very pedestrian day.

San Diego has the edge in another stinker. 24-16

If you have anyone going in this game, you are desperate. I would think twice before starting any Jets player. Jackie Battle can be started in a pinch. The Jets defense covers the tight end pretty solid except for elite players. Antonio Gates may be started but there is some risk.

I have too much respect for what coach Andy Reid has done with the Eagles franchise to include him with the likes of this bunch, but Reid will be released after this season. It is his time to move on from the organization. His record speaks for itself. He did make it to the dance in 2004, four trips to the NFC Championship from 2001-2003, and again in 2008. Reid will be known as a players coach and it saddens me to see him leave. He suffered the personal loss of one of his sons this year that obviously weighed heavily on his family.
This is a high caliber coach that needs to take some time off, and perhaps a change of scenery would do him good.

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